How To Corner Faster On A Mountain Bike

James Wilson over at get’s nerdy with us on the physics of cornering and then translates that into basic steps. We’ve all cornered before, but we’ve also all been blown away by our friends that corner insanely fast and confidently while we gingerly move around the corner.

On technical descents, especially, the ability to corner is key.

It’s All About The LEAN

Especially as a road rider, it is easy for me to get the bad habit of leaning with my body and following the bike through the corner. However, if you lean the bike independently of your body, you can keep your body over the “point of contact” and use counter pressure to keep the bike from getting away from you.

What is weird about this, is that you turn the bike opposite of the direction you are turning and then lean the bike into the correct direction, steering the bike with your hips.

It is a weird move that takes practice but gives you the power to turn faster with good traction and good balance.

If you are riding a course with a lot of berms, it means that you can get away with sloppy cornering. But, in the absence of that, give this video a watch and practice these three steps until you are feeling confident about your cornering.