Megamoon – A Must Watch Video Of Love And Travel By Bike

This 18-minute video was the official selection for the Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2014. It sucks you in right away with a hunt for water in the midst of the desert.

Every cyclist has been thirsty before and stranded without water. But there is nothing more terrifying than standing in the middle of the desert, wondering where your next sip is coming from.

To end up in this position, you have to possess a unique drive. Something that pushes you beyond what other humans find reasonable. Because most humans don’t seek out journeys that put themselves in these positions.

From robbing the wells of the local ranches to surviving rainy nights to navigating without GPS, these two hardy individuals keep their spirits up and fight challenge after challenge as the road stretches out, endlessly, in front of them, sometimes with no hint of relief.

You can feel the fear, the anticipation, the gasping for air in the high altitudes.

Unlike those who race this route, these two took time to enjoy their ride, detouring to ride horseback and paddle the rivers. The movie captures the essence of true freedom and happiness.

As they share this story in Megamoon, they demonstrate how two average humans can create a unique life when they choose to take a different route.

Even more, it shows you the power of humans to find the joy in every moment.

It’s a story that captures your attention from start to finish.