How To Backflip A Mountain Bike

As both a mountain bike fan, a videography fan and a Casey Neistat fan, I am so surprised that I have never seen this video before.

Casey takes on the insane sport of freestyle, learning how to backflip a mountain bike. It was a crazy idea he had (which one of his ideas isn’t crazy?).

Using a foam pit, he practices going down a ramp and then committing to the flip. Considering that he has a background in rollerblading and hanging at skateparks, it makes sense that he was a fast learner.

It only took 9 tries for him to stick the landing, and since his best friend, Oscar is also a filmographer, they got some sweet footage of him sticking it.

What I love about this video is that it takes me back to the best days as a kid. When there wasn’t a care in the world, and we could ride until we got hungry, hang out a little gas stop or two-buck restaurant at the end of the world, refuel and do it again.

This video may come the closest to capturing adults as they enjoy the unadulterated fun of their youth.

Question: How do you backflip a mountain bike?

Answer: Get a big foam pit and practice!