GT Avalanche 1.0 Review

For a mid range price, the gt avalanche 1.0 review is an excellent choice. Here is why.

If you get sticker shock when shopping this bicycle, then you are either a beginner or are shopping the wrong thing. For a hard tail model, I feel that this is an excellent value.


What I like about the GT bicycles is how lightweight their frames are. When we first started selling their bicycles, I was concerned that we were going to end up with a lot of frame warranties from cracked frames.

To this day I have never had to help a customer with a cracked frame.

GT seems to have done an excellent job building a solid, lightweight frame, and from this solid base, they build the rest of the bicycle.


I love the nine speed rear wheel. You can never have too many gears when going off road.

The Shimano SLX and Deore combination provides the perfect balance of durable and responsive shifting. It truly is a pleasure to ride.

In recent times, brands have tried to cut costs by building this model with a 1×9 gearing. I appreciate having that high end, so the 3×9 gearing that comes with this model is preferable to me.


This model comes stock with the RockShox J3. This fork gets mixed reviews. It starts off mushy but doesn’t offer the protection many riders wish they had on more aggressive trails.

So you feel a little sloppy on the flats and have to ride more carefully on the technical sections.

But, RockShox seems to last for awhile. So you can ride it stock for awhile and then upgrade down the road.



What sells it for me are these hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes make all of the difference, in my opinion. It gives you that responsiveness that riders who have done motocross will remember from their dirt bikes.

I believe every serious rider needs a model that has hydraulic bikes.

Lightweight, cool frame design, and a perfect design spec. Subtract a star for the shock, but this is a solid 4-star bicycle, in my opinion.


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