Camera Angles For A Mountain Bike Ad


We love being sold by mountain bike magazines. We love the backdrops, the beautiful, shiny, gear, the breathtaking drone shots.

But what goes into a good shot? How do they set them up?

This video pulls back a little bit of the curtain and helps give you a good idea of what marketing agencies are looking for when they commission these shots.

You also get a look at some of the tools they use. From rails for smooth camera flows, to how they setup multiple cameras for one shot, and then perform take after take until the photographers are happy with it.

And what is not talked about in this video, but is ever-apparent, is allĀ  the bored standing around that goes on.

There is a lot of thought and effort and waiting that goes into making it shot count.

If there is anything this video does, it it makes you realize that shooting a mountain bike commercial might be more work than you initially thought. And they don’t talk about all of the editing that has to go into their work before you see it.

Which is just a rip-off. Because editing is hard work.